Top 10 Hostels in Europe

Are you traveling to Europe soon and trying to determine your accommodation options? Are you worried that typical hotels and Airbnbs might be too heavy on your pocket? Are you interested in basking in the essence of each of your travel destinations and interacting with new people? If the answer to these questions is yes, consider staying in a hostel on your trip through Europe. They are budget-friendly, quirky options that offer excellent value for money! If you are wondering which ten hostels in Europe are the best, look no further!

1. St Christopher’s Inns Village, London, UK

Big Ben clock with a bridge over the river in downtown London

If you are looking to stay in a hostel that knows how to innovate, provide privacy, and still yet the freedom to meet new people, St Christopher’s Inns Village should be on the top of your consideration list. Featuring Japanese-like pod dorms that come with sockets, color-changing LED lights, and USB power points, they provide you with more privacy than usual hostel beds. However, this added privacy does not mean you are denied the pleasures of parties, DJs, and other fantastic deals, for all of them form intrinsic elements of the hostel.

Price per night starts from $25.

2. Hostel Anda, Venice, Italy

Gondolas working across the river in Venice with colorful buildings on the sides of the river

Hostel Anda is one of the top hostels in Venice, thanks to its quirky interior and aura. Flaunting a contemporary interior complemented with cool furniture, the hostel rocks a funky style. People love the thought put into this creation, especially the seemingly erratic but curious splashes of bright colors here and there. You will also find their urban garden, shared guest kitchen, and swing chairs extremely appealing—not only do they add to the charm of the place, but also serve as excellent common spaces to meet new people.

Price per night starts from $60.

3. Amistat Hostel, Ibiza, Spain

View of a bay in Ibiza, Spain

If you are headed to Ibiza, there’s a good chance it’s to party. This Spanish city is known for its high-end party culture, a quality that attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. If you too are one of them, you should opt for an accommodation that allows you to immerse yourself in the depths of celebration to be able to get a thorough and complete experience. Amistat Hostel is just the right place for such an experience. Here you will find everything, from a swimming pool to dancing and music workshops to watersports at the beach and exciting pool events!

Price per night starts from $35.

4. Balmer’s, Interlaken, Switzerland

Bird's eye view of Interlaken, Switzerland with blue water running through the middle of a city in a valley surrounded by mountains

Interlaken is the perfect destination for you if you want to do away with the mundanity of city life and embrace nature in all its glory. And if you have decided to do that properly, you must then participate in the exciting opportunities nature has in store for its people – examples being river rafting, paragliding, skydiving, and more. Wondering how you could do that? Deciding to stay at Balmer’s is a fantastic way to do so! This hostel is situated in the heart of the mountainous city of Interlaken, providing exhilarating nature-related opportunities to its visitors. Give it a try!

Price per night starts from $114.

5. Lavender Circus, Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest at dusk

Take a trip back in time, and experience luxury as the royals of Budapest experienced. Lavender Circus is not your average boutique hostel – it is more than a special abode, for it sits royally in a 19th-century building with exquisite vintage furniture. Each room here is designed by a different designer, meaning that every nook of this lavish hostel sports a unique look and a fresh perspective. You can choose to either reside in a private room or a shared room based on your preferences, something uncommon in hostels. But no matter which choice you make, you can rest assured that several socialization opportunities await you in this quaint location. Offering free tea and coffee in common rooms, the hostel provides an excellent excuse to hang around with other people, building friendships and memories.

Price per night starts from $65.

6. KEX Hostel, Reykjavik, Iceland

Rainbow road leading to one of Iceland's famous white stone churches

If you are looking for a hostel with a personality of its own, one that intrigues and amuses you, KEX in Reykjavik will appeal to you. The creators of this hostel, remaining true to the spirit of quirkiness Icelanders are known for, named the hostel after biscuit! And if that was not enough, the place is filled with mind-boggling arrays of coffee houses, a restaurant, and a jazz club. Talk about versatility!

Price per night starts from $120.

7. The Blue Hostel, Rome, Italy

Body of water in front of the Roman buildings with Saint Peter's Basilica Dome in the background

For those searching for a hotel experience in a hostel, the Blue Hostel in Rome is the perfect answer. Here, you not only get private rooms with luxurious interiors and glamorous en-suite bathrooms, but you also get access to exciting amenities like a minibar, LCD TV, and friendly customer service. And for times when you want to switch off the hotel experience and get a flavor of the hostel-life, you can simply mingle with the traveler crowd!

Price per night starts from $170.

8. Cube Hostel, Leuven, Belgium

Main sitting on a bike with the sunset behind him in a city in Belgium

Colorful, funky, retro, creative, and modern – these words perfectly describe the Cube Hostel in Belgium. It is ideal for people who want to live in the heart of the most happening centers of Belgium while relishing the eccentric personality of its contemporary independent artists! Plus, there is plenty to do while you are here, like drinking at the bar, taking baking sessions, and much more.

Price per night starts from $70.

9. Copenhagen Downtown Hostel, Copenhagen, Denmark

Multiple boats tied to the shore in front of colorful buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel is heaven for all art lovers on independent excursions to the city. Wondering why that might be so? In the city’s spirit, this hostel a uniquely aesthetic accommodation. It may surprise you to know that no two rooms here are the same, for each room is designed and decorated by independent local artists. In addition to the funky interior, the hostel features a buzzing social scene, with several hostel-organized parties and experiences hosted regularly.

Price per night starts from $30.

10. 7 Fells, Lapland, Finland

Reindeer looking at the camera with snow on the ground and trees in the background

Experience nature like never before in the fantastic, eco-friendly hostel of 7 Fells. Abandon the well-trodden paths in Finland and make an excursion to this destination among the trees in Lapland, where you can enjoy a fantastic opportunity to sleep in luxurious wooden buildings surrounded by the sounds of nature. If you are lucky, you might even catch a stunning show of Northern Lights! If that’s not enough to convince you to check it out, the hostel offers free bike rides and a sauna to add to your experience living here.

Price per night starts from $70.


Hostels are an exciting and adventurous way to explore new countries, try new experiences, and meet new people. From the various amenities each one offers to the distinct cities that surround them, your unique visit will lead to stories you tell for ages and friendships that last a lifetime.


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