Welcome to the Footy Intl World Adventure Center!

Thank you for stopping by our World Adventure Center. This is where you will find our FootWork: Custom Adventure Consulting services along with a collection of all of the travel information, recommendations, and advice we can find through extensive research. All the details are below.

As expected with how thorough we would like to be with this, a large portion of the countries are still missing their information (denoted with an *), and a number of countries currently have travel restrictions placed on them (denoted with a -). We will continue to add to these so that we can complete the list as soon as possible.

The format of each country's travel report is as follows:
General Overview: This is pretty self-explanatory...

Footy Speaks:
Native language(s) of the country
Footy Wears: Recommended styles of fashion and what the locals wear (don't worry, we won't funnel you into our shop with this)
Footy Sees: Specific notable sights in the country that are well worth the visit
Footy Dos: Specific experiences to have while in country
Footy Eats: Local and national dishes famous and common throughout the country
Footy Drinks: The liquid version of Foody Eats
Footy Moves: Recommended ways of safe transit in the cities and around the country
Footy Cautions: Certain things to be aware of while traveling in the country
Footy Finds: Random little things that we've found that we thought you might enjoy doing or experiencing while you're on your adventure

 From whom/where we sourced our information (pssst... this is where we'll put your name if you recommend something we add!)

If you have any recommendations, please don't hesitate to reach out to suggestions@footyintl.com for us to include your advice or information!