Light gray ankle sock in front of heather charcoal ankle sock at slight angles
Light gray sock with white mountain logo and GYFOTD on the toes
Light gray sock with white mountain logo and GYFOTD on the toes
Light gray and charcoal sock with white mountain logo and GYFOTD on the toes
Charcoal sock with white mountain logo and GYFOTD on the toes
Charcoal sock with white mountain logo and GYFOTD on the toes
Light gray socks with white mountain logo and GYFOTD in front of Hawaiian coastline with blue waters
Socks with steaming cup of coffee on a wooden bannister with yard below

The Switzerlands


The Switzerlands are our unique lightweight antimicrobial ankle socks Sustainably Made in the USA from recycled plastic bottles and are designed to optimize unmatched comfort, enhanced durability, and premium quality. If you want more breathability, go with our light gray socks; if you want more cushion, the charcoal pair is perfect for you! Regardless, The Switzerlands will remain neutral and balanced on your feet... just like the country they're named after. 

Switzerland is a country filled with breathtaking valleys, immaculate peaks, and stunning waterfalls. The vast beautiful wild is sparsely dotted with cities filled with impeccably timed trains and endlessly interesting people. Founded in 1848, Switzerland and its citizens are praised for their independence, their resiliency, and their unending devotion to quality. We incorporated these values and our experiences in the Swiss Alps, into the design of these excellent socks.

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Product Details


    • Sustainable: made from recycled PET (plastic bottles)
    • Durable: premium yarns and knitting increase the lifetime of your socks
    • Charitable: 15% of the profit goes to ecological restoration projects
    • Comfortable: added sole cushion and arch support
    • Moisture-wicking: hydrophobic yarns and knitting keep your feet dry
    • Antimicrobial: added treatment inhibits odors (so you can wear them multiple times!)
    • Thermal regulation: yarns inherently improve temperature control (in both warm and cold environments)


    • Elastic arch support band provides grip and arch support
    • Flat toe seam prevents irritation
    • Breathable mesh wicks heat and moisture
    • Winged tabs prevent chafing and blisters around the ankle
    • Light Gray: Half Terry soles increase breathability and light-weightiness.
    • Charcoal (Preorder Only): Ribbed soles add thickness to the cushioning for long-lasting wear.

      Excellent for:

      • Sliding on hardwood floors (safely!) through a hostel in Bern
      • Sprinting as fast as humanly possible through the valleys of Lauterbrunnen
      • Being the life of the party in the basement clubs of Interlaken
      • Dunking on someone 7-feet tall (or taller) in the Swiss Basketball League
        Size Chart
        The Switzerlands are unisex in style, but the sizes vary as shown. Extra-Large only available in Charcoal.
        All sizes shown are for US shoe sizes.
        Unifi - North Carolina
        Light Gray - Charcoal
        • 65% - 54% REPREVE Recycled PET Yarn (plastic bottles)
        • 25% - 43% Nylon
        • 10% - 3% Elastane
        Sustainability Impact

        For every pair of the Switzerlands bought, you:

        • Remove 1.5 plastic bottles from wastelands & oceans worldwide

        • Repurpose & recycle non-biodegradable products

        • Donate 15% of profit through the Footy Initiative

        • Support American manufacturers, designers, and supply chains

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