A love of nature & the natural world is our largest motivator to do better for the planet and for our future. We know that our actions have consequences and what we do today can lead to a better tomorrow. As the Chinese proverb goes, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now." Our actions will always be consistent with our mission to promote sustainability through everything that we do.

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We work with highly regarded USA manufacturers and designers to ensure that our apparel is both ethical and sustainable.

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All of our apparel is designed to last a lifetime of different adventures. We offer free lifetime repairs (when it's repairable) to help you do more with less.

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We've structured our business model so we can give back to the planet and the future with every purchase.

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We have vetted our entire supply chain to ensure that we provide you with a sustainable product in the most ecologically-friendly way. With every order, we include a Sustainability Report to show our commitment to full transparency around our supply chain.


All of our apparel is verified to be American-made out of either recycled goods or natural, sustainable fibers.


Our packaging and inserts have been certified as 100% post-consumer waste and using environmentally friendly inks.


As mentioned above, all of our apparel and product sales benefit various ecological restoration initiatives around the planet. From planting trees to funding cleanup efforts, we work continuously to give back more than we take.

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