Current Projects

Barton Creek Habitat Preserve (BCHP)

Target: $1,000

What is it?

Barton Creek Habitat Preserve is a 4,000-acre nature area situated just west of Austin, Texas (our home!) and is home to a wide array of local wildlife. Through various groups, such as The Nature Conservancy and the various donations that move through it, BCHP has been able to maintain and increase its natural areas and native biodiversity for volunteers to visit, explore, and give back.

How will donations help?

The money we can donate through the Footy Initiative to the Barton Creek Habitat Preserve will benefit researchers studying the effects of pollinators and invasive species, restoring the natural ecology to the area, and ensuring the survival of natural species within the preserve.

Barton Creek © Pierce Ingram


One Tree Planted Reforestation Operations

Target: $1,000

What is it?

One Tree Planted promise to plant 1 tree for every $1 donated to them and has planted over 11 million trees worldwide since it began in 2014. Through them, we pledge to donate at least 1,000 trees from our operations, with larger contributions as we continue to grow.

How will donations help?

Trees are an extremely important part of every ecosystem. They provide food, shelter, soil retention, and tons of other benefits everywhere they're found. Beyond this, the Arbor Day Foundation estimates that each mature tree pulls 48 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air per year. With our initial donation (using your help!) of $1,000 to One Tree Planted, together we'll plant 1,000 trees and remove about 48,000 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air each year! 

Photo by Efdal Yildiz (IG: @efdalyildiz)


Partnership: One Army Gladiator Dash benefitting Still Creek Ranch

Code: GD2021 to get 10% off & donate an extra $1 to Still Creek Ranch

What is it?

One Army is a men's service organization at Texas A&M University. As part of their commitment to give back to the community, they are teamed up with Still Creek Ranch (SCR). SCR rescues children from crisis environments and subsequently offers a family of friends and mentors for them to develop, grow, and learn.

Through this devotion to the kids at Still Creek Ranch, One Army not only volunteers there every single Friday, but puts on their annual obstacle-based mud-run Gladiator Dash to give 100% of the proceeds back. To date, One Army has donated over $151,000 and continues to donate more each year.

How will donations help?

Footy Intl & the Footy Initiative are partnering with One Army to support their mission in serving the community and Still Creek Ranch. We have donated $500 to their cause, with an additional profit share when the 10% discount code GD2021 is applied at checkout. Your purchases with the discount code will give an additional amount (beyond our 15% ecological restoration donation) to Still Creek to aid them in purchasing school materials, covering overhead costs, and ensuring a safe & positive living environment for all the children to grow and adventure.

Please consider reading more about their cause & annual event here.

Past Projects

Currently, we don't have any past projects to show because we're just starting, but we'll update past Footy Initiative projects, along with their descriptions and amounts given/impact created here!

Check back soon for the first results!