Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Footy Intl located?

Footy Intl is headquartered in Austin, Texas. We're extremely fortunate to be located so closely to tons of the best natural areas that Texas has to offer and to have so many people around us who care for and appreciate the natural world as much as we do! If you ever want to visit the area, check out our Footy Intl travel guide on Austin or give us a call for a chat!

How does Footy Intl guarantee the sustainability of its products?

We have a series of questions that we ask internally before any decision is made. Sustainability is always at the forefront of our discussions and thoughts. When heading into the creation phase of each item, we talk with our fabric suppliers, manufacturers, and other process teams throughout our supply chain so that our priorities are recognized and received fully. We also inspect every step of the process to go above and beyond in providing verifiably sustainable, American-made apparel.

What is the benefit of joining the Footy Family?

When you join the Footy Family and commit to living a sustainable lifestyle, you actually get rewarded for it with a lifetime 5% discount you, your friends, and your family can apply on all future purchases! Along with this, we'll send you some cool extra items for free from time-to-time. There's no reason not to be a part of the Footy Family!

Where are Footy Intl's materials & fabrics sourced from?

While our unique fabrics, yarns, and blends vary from product to product, we have established a fully American-made supply chain (which allows us to certify our products as Made in the USA). From California to North Carolina to Colorado to Missouri, we are proud to source domestically from some of the top manufacturers and mills in the United States.

How should I wash & care for my apparel?

While all of our clothes are designed to be rugged and durable, for the best performance we suggest you wash inside out with cold or cool water and hang to dry.  We suggest this for a couple reasons: (1) washing on cool or cold always helps extend the lifetime of any apparel, (2) machine washing on cool or cold is better for the environment since less heating & electricity gets used, & (3) hanging to dry protects the fibers and increases the lifetime of your apparel.

Does Footy Intl offer any sort of guarantee or promise for its products?

In short, we offer our Adventure-Proof Guarantee for repairs, along with free returns and exchanges on all of our items. With the Adventure-Proof Guarantee, we promise to repair any of your items as best as we can as soon as you ship them to us. Doesn't matter if you've had your product for a week and you're getting your first repair, or you've had it for 30 years and get your 37th tear in it (which we don't expect, considering the quality and durability of our apparel), we'll repair it as soon as you send it to us! If we can't repair it, we'll see if you'd rather us send it back to you in it's current shape or if we can recycle the piece for you in exchange for a large discount on your next purchase.

What is the shipping and return policy for our items?

Footy Intl offers free returns and product exchanges for all orders. For shipping, we offer options with USPS and UPS. For orders under $30, you'll have to pay for shipping and select your preferences. For orders over $30 that qualify for free shipping, we'll use USPS shipping to mail your package to you!

Can I make changes to an order I already placed?

As long as we haven't shipped out your order yet, we'll be able to make the change for you. Please just give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll try to catch it as early on as possible. If we've already shipped it out, we'll work through the product exchange process with you!

How do our socks fit?

Our socks follow international hosiery guidelines that help us maintain consistent sizing.  With that said, our socks will shrink minimally the first time you wash them then remain that way for life.  If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing down.  We understand fit comes down to personal preference, so if you are unsatisfied reach out to us and we will ensure you have the right fit!

Which founder is cooler?

This is a really difficult question for us to answer. Not because we don't know the answer, but because it's so obvious and Drew isn't typing the answer to this question, so I'm (Mitchell) trying to figure out how to best put this... Clearly, it's me as I'm the taller one, but Drew's stronger than me, so we'll say it's up to debate... It's not, but we'll wait until he sees this to change it.