Footy Intl Family

the Footy Intl founders taking a selfie in Iceland in front of a canyon with a blue glacial river flowing behind them

The main component of the Footy Intl Family is our universal love of the planet and all the adventures it has to offer. Traveling around the globe is an amazing way to experience diverse cultures, foods, peoples, and much more. To us, the most beautiful part of traveling is neither the breathtaking view from the mountaintop nor the picturesque seaside village, but the meeting people and doing things that broaden our worldview.

The Footy Intl founders in a bar with their friend from Lebanon they met in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

We're relentlessly thankful for opportunities to learn and grow in our love for the planet from people worldwide. If you find yourself in the same boat, meaning you love the planet too, and the journeys, lessons, and everything else it has to offer, you automatically become a part of the Footy Intl Family. You've committed to a lifetime of adventure while pushing your boundaries, doing what you can to help the planet, and learning from everyone you meet and everything you do.

co-founder Drew in the Amazon rainforest with some of the guides and friends he made along the way

As part of our appreciation for your devotion to these values, you'll receive a personalized 5% lifetime discount code for you, your family, and your friends to use on our website when you place your first order. This is just our way of saying a huge "Thank you!" for your help in expanding the Footy Intl Family while doing your part to promote a better, more sustainably adventurous future.

Footy Intl co-founder Drew with friend Kyle and their scuba diving instructor

Keep an eye out for your personalized lifetime code when you place your first order and if you ever forget, just reach out to us & we'll let you know ASAP!