Our Story

Footy Intl Co-Founders taking a selfie in Iceland with a glacial valley and river behind them

Drew (on the left with the full beard) & Mitchell (on the right barely sporting a mustache) exploring the Stuðlagil Canyon in Iceland.

Our Backstory

We became friends through engineering courses at Texas A&M University our sophomore year and quickly realized our shared passions of traveling the world and making an impact while we do it. On a whim following our junior year, we decided to "plan" (rather, throwing together a couple of ideas before we left) a trip to Switzerland. A lifelong friendship was forged in the valleys of Lauterbrunnen and in the skies hang gliding over Interlaken.

Today, we've been to seven countries over the course of about 50 days with many more to come.

the first Footy ever taken, in Annecy, France with a brown Chukka boot and blue waters and mountains in the background

The first Footy in Annecy, France (June 2019).

Footy Intl

Getting Our Feet Out The Door

Following our graduation from Texas A&M, we both decided to take a long trip abroad. After the amount of time we'd spent together in classes and around the town, we figured that 30 consecutive days with each other wouldn't be an issue. Thank goodness we were right.

From the rolling hills in Spain to the flowing fields of Ireland, from jagged mountain peaks in Andorra to the natural geysers in Iceland, we took in all of the abounding nature that Europe had to offer and our empty wallets could afford.

As we traveled, however, we began to see the impact that our our lifestyle was having on the planet. We realized that if we wanted our posterity to see the same glaciers, camp in the same forests, or swim in the same lakes as we had, we needed to make a change.

Founding the Company

Our mission is to inspire adventure through sustainability.

In the very beginnings of Footy Intl, before we had any ideas of a product to offer, we focused on the impacts our company would have in three key areas: our world, our Footy Intl Family, and our employees.  We searched for somewhere we could make an impact worldwide... and found our answer by simply looking down.

We had both read about the terribly negative impact the fashion and apparel industry had made on the planet. From eco-damaging fabrics to toxic dyes polluting waterways and so many other issues, our own clothing was the largest culprit behind the environmental devastation we were experiencing.

We moved forward with our plan to expand the explorable wild, one garment at a time. At the forefront was our first focus: the planet. Our supply chain must be crafted around working with the planet, not against it. Whether we use recycled plastic bottles or naturally sustainable fibers, any product we offer will always be designed planet-firstAs firm believers in the quality and ethical standards of American-made goods, we decided to have all sourcing and manufacturing done in the USA. All of our items are Proudly & Sustainably Made in the USA so that we can guarantee you the quality you deserve.

We still felt that we could do more, so we created a business model that allows us to give back more through the Footy Initiative. Rather than just protecting the wild, we can now actively expand it.

Our second focus, establishing the Footy Intl Family, had to align with our love of the planet. We wanted to gather a community of nature-lovers and turn it into a family. We choose to give every person who buys our products a lifetime 5% discount code as a "thank you" for supporting us and our planet--more importantly though, every person we add to the Footy Intl Family is another step toward progress in saving our wild areas worldwide.

For our final focus (the employees), we have committed to becoming the best workplace in the world. We hold the undying belief that true joy happens beyond the four walls of an office space. We want our employees to experience life and our amazing planet to the fullest, which they can't really do from an office somewhere. As we grow and begin to hiring employees, we will strive to have what we call the "Day-a-week" policy. With four 6-hour workdays among various other benefits, our employees will enjoy a life where the majority of their life is spent away from the office, not in it.

a bare foot Footy taken on the front of a boat with deep blue waters in the background
Heading towards Yelapa Beach in the Bay of Banderas along Mexico's west coast.
“A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both.”
- LP Jacks


Our Pillars

We strive to blend the spirit of adventure and travel with a deeply rooted love for the planet. We will always provide you with the best apparel that you can feel great about wearing for two reasons: incredible USA craftsmanship and the Footy Initiative.

The more we grow, the more we give back through the Footy Initiative, whether to ecological restoration programs or educating our future on how to carry on our green legacy. Every purchase helps us expand the natural world to explore.

We want to help you Get Your Foot Out The Door and into the beautiful world around us.

The three pillars of Footy Intl are:

  • We keep it at the forefront of our operations to cause as little environmental impact everywhere possible.
  • Our products are ethically Made in America.
  • We fund sustainable initiatives through the Footy Initiative.
  • We will become a Certified B Corporation.
  • We strive to be transparent in all that we do so that you can know exactly where your dollars are going.
  • Every apparel item has a Transparency section that tells exactly where the fabrics came from, where it was designed, where it was manufactured, and how it will be sent.
  • If you have any questions about our processes, our facilities, or anything else, we will always have an answer for you.
    • Our community of our suppliers, our members, and our customers are what we call the Footy Intl Family. We hold our Family accountable to one unifying goal: Live a sustainable life while experiencing the world to the fullest.
    • We cannot accomplish sustainability on this planet alone, and that’s why it will take a community of doers to take action that will inspire others to join the solution.
    • Real change and progress is started by local groups of people and not large corporations or governments, so we're starting with us.
    • The more that we can hold our partners accountable and encourage our customers to hold us accountable, the better.


    - Mitchell & Drew