Get Your Foot Out The Door

 Pennybacker bridge overlooking Lake Austin.

The first ever Footy was a way for us to fight back against the traditional social media structure. While we fully support capturing a photo for a memory with a great story, we grew tired of summiting mountains or arriving at beautiful vistas just to see people spending the majority of their time facing a camera with their back to the view they worked so hard to see. By taking a Footy, we can put our stamp on a photo and say, "I was here," while capturing the grandeur of the scene in front of you, rather than behind you. 

Our feet take us everywhere, from strolls through the city to the highest peaks in the world, from pubs and clubs to beaches and shorefronts.  We’re currently in a society that glorifies the subject of the photograph and not the story behind it.  Whatever your adventure is, we want to see it and know the journey behind the picture.

Getting Your Foot Out The Door to go adventure and take on the world feels natural for us.  If our goal is to create a culture pairing sustainable travel apparel with the travel experience itself, our slogan should be direct about taking action to make it happen.

P.S. Look for the hidden (and sometimes, a not-so-hidden) GYFOTD on all of our apparel!


Our Mountain Logo

Mountains are one of the most, if not the most, impressive land features in the world. They've weathered millions of years of powerful climates and still stand tall and proud for the world to admire. Beyond just their natural features, mountains teach us that every challenge has a reward at the top and that, sometimes, we need to take a step back to appreciate the journey.

Through this love and appreciation of mountains, we were led to create what we call our "Mountain" logo. At first glance, it appears as a couple triangles and a rectangle stacked together. However, with a little imagination, we can see the depth that lies in the two-dimensions.

Three mountains overlap to form a beautiful range of peaks; in the largest peak, we find a doorknob. This subtle nod to our slogan, Get Your Foot Out The Door, reminds us to continue adventuring and explore deeper into the mountains. Lastly, if you tilt your head slightly to the right, you can see a hidden capital "F" and "I" for Footy Intl.

To us, at the core of all of this, the logo symbolizes a love for the outdoors and the undying spirit of adventure we're always chasing. We hope you feel that way, too.